US-Canada fact-finding visit 2019

The SECURe project is on the road in the US and Canada from 17-27 September to visit examples of good practice in CO2 storage and unconventional hydrocarbons projects. Our group comprises senior social and geoscientists from leading European research centres. We will visit a number of sites and research centres and meet host organisations to discuss a variety of topics, including regulatory, operational and local community perspectives. Our findings will then feed into our work to develop new techniques and good practice for environmental monitoring of CCUS and shale gas projects. Follow our progress here and also on Twitter @securegeoenergy #SECURefactfinding


US-Canada fact-finding: Geoenergy projects putting MMV to the test

Late last year, a group of senior scientists from SECURe travelled to North America on a fact-finding mission. With several site visits under their belts, they had quite a few measuring, monitoring and verification (MMV) learnings and reflections to take back to the project.

BLOG: A sociologist on a geologists' mission

Katarzyna Iwińska of Adam Mickiewicz University describes a thought-provoking and inspiring visit to the Cave and Basin National Historic Site in Banff National Park.

BLOG: Banff National Park’s remarkable geology provides valuable CCS insights

After leaving Illinois, the SECURe team headed to Canada on the next leg of their fact-finding mission. Edward Hough (British Geological Survey) and Michael Kupoluyi (Risktec) describe a day of learning and insight at Banff National Park, Alberta.

Illinois shares successes from high-profile CO2 injection projects

Scientists from the EU-funded SECURe project continued their fact-finding tour with a visit to the Illinois Basin-Decatur Project (IBDP) and Illinois Industrial Sources CCS (ICCS) CO2 injection sites.

Research group explores synergies at US energy innovation centre

A group of senior scientists from the EU-funded SECURe project has kickstarted a fact-finding trip to North America with a visit to the US’s national centre for innovation in energy technologies. The 10-day visit to the US and Canada by the project partners is aimed at gathering examples of best practice in geoenergy projects, such as geological CO2 storage and shale gas extraction.