Work packages

WP2 Risk assessment

The word risk sitting on a wooden board

This work package will produce a risk assessment framework that project developers can use to assess hazards and the likelihood of specific risks in relation to protecting the environment. This framework can be used to underpin policymaking and develop effective remedial strategies.

WP3 Baseline monitoring strategies

Scientist pouring dust into a machine

This work package will provide best-practice recommendations to ensure effective approaches to monitoring and regulation for shale gas and geological CO2 storage sites.

WP4 Advanced monitoring technologies

A bank of monitors displaying abstract image

We will draw on our consortium's expertise to develop new technologies that will improve the detection and monitoring of environmental impacts for geoenergy projects.

WP5 Impact mitigation and remediation

Three people gathered around a tablet discussing content

We will make use of commercial, pilot and research-scale sites worldwide to demonstrate best practice and investigate new methods for predicting, avoiding or reversing environmental impacts.

WP6 Sharing best practice and knowledge

Two engineers in high visibilty jackets and hard hats looking at clipboard

This work package supports the development of commercial CCS and responsible exploitation of Europe’s shale gas reserves by testing and recommending strategies for engaging with stakeholders.