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The University of Edinburgh, based in the UK, has a key role in WP6, defining and sharing best practice with regard to understanding public perceptions and developing mechanisms for better engagement.

The Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) team within the university’s School of GeoSciences brings communications and knowledge exchange expertise to WP6 along with experience in digital and print media, event management, design and production, and media engagement.

The university has extensive social science expertise on public and stakeholder perceptions of CCS and on evaluating processes for community engagement. This includes involvement in the European Union’s FP7 projects, such as ECO2, SiteChar and R&Dialogue, as well as the Global CCS Institute’s comparative study of public perceptions in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and USA. It also led an IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme funded study on communicating CCS materials to stakeholders.

The university has a strong track record in many aspects of CCS research, including geology and engineering as well as public perception and engagement. SCCS works in all aspects of CCS advocacy and communications.