British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is coordinating the SECURe project and is also involved in WP3 and WP4, concerned with environmental baselines and monitoring strategies, and monitoring and sensor technologies. BGS is also leading WP6, ensuring dissemination and exploitation of results from other work packages.

BGS is the principal supplier of geological expertise in the UK. It has taken a leading role in numerous major European Union, industry and government-funded projects. BGS has carried out CO2 storage research projects and studies for clients, including the UK Research Council, the EU (RISCS, SiteChar, CO2 CARE, and ULTimate CO2), industry, the UK Government and other national governments. BGS has extensive experience of CO2 storage site monitoring activities for saline aquifers and depleted fields, including the IEAGHG offshore monitoring review. It hosts three UK ECCSEL facilities and is a founding member of the CO2GeoNet storage network.

BGS takes a leading role in understanding the resource and potential impacts presented by shale gas exploitation, and undertakes monitoring activities at several active and proposed shale gas exploration sites across the UK. BGS was a main partner in the EU-funded ‘M4ShaleGas’ project, and is involved in the NERC-ESRC Unconventional Hydrocarbons initiative.