Management Team

Edward Hough

Edward Hough is the Co-ordinator of the SECURe project consortium

Matteo Icardi

Matteo Icardi is an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics at the University of Nottingham

Wolfram Kloppmann

Wolfram Kloppmann is based at the the French geological survey BRGM

Jonathan Pearce

Jonathan Pearce is Head of the Carbon Dioxide Storage Team at the British Geological Survey

Pierre Cerasi

Pierre Cerasi is a senior scientist at SINTEF Industry

Jens Wollenweber

Jens Wollenweber holds a Diploma (MSc equiv.) in Geology from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and has more than 15 years of research experience in the sustainable geo-energy sector with a focus on geothermal, CCUS and reusing existing subsurface infrastructure. He is a senior project manager in TNO’s Applied Geosciences Group and leads several (inter)national research projects on well technology, reuse of existing O&G fields and risk assessment for subsurface applications.