Good Practice in Environmental Monitoring - Virtual Meeting (Programme now available)

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 21:00






Good Practice in Environmental Monitoring - Virtual Meeting
9th -10th February, 2021
20:00-22:30 GMT

The EU project SECURe is focussed on subsurface evaluation of risks in geoenergy projects.  The SECURe team completed two fact-finding missions, to north America and to Australia, to establish an understanding of current good practice in site performance and environmental monitoring from a practical and operational perspective.  

Building on these missions, we would now like to bring together practitioners, regulators and researchers from around the globe for the launch of the SECURe project’s long term legacy initiative for collaboration, the International Platform for Environmental Monitoring (IPEM). The IPEM will facilitate knowledge and data exchange to foster good practice in environmental monitoring across low carbon subsurface energy (geoenergy) technologies.  

The theme of this virtual two-session event was Good Practice in Environmental Monitoring, and focused on innovative monitoring and practical experience of effective community engagement. 

Click on the links below to view the presentation slides from this session:

IPEM Day 1 Slides | IPEM Day 2 Slides



Day 1 (19.45 GMT start)
20.00 Welcome Mike Stephenson British Geological Survey
20.10 The SECURe Project & Reflections from the Missions Ed Hough, Helen Taylor-Curran, SCCS The SECURe project team
Session 1 - Making community engagement work                                         Chair - Simon Shackley                           University of Edinburgh
20.20 Participatory Monitoring Best Practice to Bridge the Cultural Divide (includes 5 minutes for questions)   Scott Heckbert, Troy Mallie Alberta Energy Regulator/Cultural Systems Solutions
20.45 Participatory Monitoring: A Must-have for Geo-Energy Project Strategies? Mike Duijn, Hanneke Puts Erasmus University Rotterdam/TNO
21.00 ------- Break -------    
21.15 Public Attitudes towards Geothermal Energy: UK and Poland Survey Responses and Analysis Simon Shackley, Katarzyna Iwinska University of Edinburgh/Adam Mickiewicz University
21.30 CTSCo Community Engagement: How are we applying lessons learned from the Northern Surat Basin to the Southern Surat Basin? Nikki Accornero CTSCo
21.45 Q&A and IPEM Discussion    
22.35 Close    

Day 2 (19.45 GMT start)
20.00 Welcome back Jonathan Pearce, Ed Hough The SECURe project team
Session 2 - Innovative Environmental Monitoring                                           Chair - Max Watson                               CO2CRC
20.05 The value of multi-modelling in designing groundwater monitoring requirements and additional data collection activities in southeastern Alberta, Canada Tony Lemay Alberta Energy Regulator
20.20 Enhance Energy Environmental Monitoring Program David Hills Enhance Energy
20.35 Environmental Monitoring for Industrial CCS: Experiences from the Decatur Projects Randy Locke Illinois State Geological Survey
20.50 ------- Break -------    
21.00 Noble Gas Downhole Sensor  Sonia Noirez, Julia Guelard IFPEn
21.15 Induced Seismicity Statistical Modelling based on Micro-Seismic Monitoring Thomas Le Guenan BRGM
21.30 Bowtie Risk Management Framework and Risk Assessment Tool Matt Beeson Risktec
21.45 CTSCo Environmental Monitoring: How are we applying lessons learned from the Northern Surat Basin to the Southern Surat Basin? Rob Heath CTSCo
22.00 Q&A and IPEM Discussion    
22.25 Next steps/closing remarks Jonathan Pearce BGS
22.35 Close