Pierre Cerasi

Pierre Cerasi is a senior scientist at SINTEF Industry, a member institute of the SINTEF non-profit research foundation based in Trondheim, Norway. He has 25 years of experience in petroleum-related research in the disciplines of geomechanics and flow in porous media; in particular wellbore stability, solids production and formation damage. He has been project manager for many single client, joint industry and Research Council of Norway projects during the past 18 years at SINTEF.

Pierre embarked on CCS research in 2009 by joining the storage team in the BIGCCS Centre for Environmentally Friendly Energy Research headed by SINTEF Energy, as task leader for geomechanics and geophysics. He is currently task leader for Well Integrity and Geomechanics in the new Norwegian CCS Centre, also hosted by SINTEF. He leads the ECCSEL well integrity research infrastructure design and management and represents SINTEF at the CO2Geonet association.

Pierre is the Work Package 5 lead in the SECURe project, where he coordinates the research efforts between SINTEF, UNOTT, BGS, TNO and GEUS on remediation experimental work and mitigation of micro-seismicity risk, both modelling and laboratory experiments.